In this section we propose you three introductory readings.

“learning and working with artivism: practising the dynamics of social transformation” is written by our colleague Eva Aladro Vico, who participated in the artivist project on behalf of the Universidade Complutense de Madrid. This text looks at how artivism can serve as a tool for youth wishing to tackle social challenges.

“A short history of artivism” is a very brief summary of an otherwise big history, prepared by our colleague Emilie Brigouleix, who worked with élan interculturel on the project.

Finally the “abecedarium of artivism” is a co-constructed inventory of what artivism was for us, i.e. for members of the Artivism project.  Consider this as some mental map that helps to pin down all the associations, concepts that were important for us.  Artivism Is not necessarily the same for you.  By the way this is why we would like to encourage you to create your own abecedarium of artivism.  How to do this collectively is described a bit later on.

Interested in theory? Read the special edition of Comunicar published by our Spanish and British colleagues Here