title: | artistEltono or OTono | date: | PlaceSpain, France.

With an origin in graffiti, the French artist Eltono has been one of the pioneers of the current urban art scene. From his small contextual paintings to his most recent experiments in exhibition spaces, Eltono’s work is characterized by a particularly lucid and subtle environment

Urban Art: recovery of sapces through painting, stickers, collages and abstract signs. Recovery of spaces, humanizing social areas and degraded objects and environments, in a humoristic and creative way.

Eltono is distinguished by its constructive criteria and its sensibility in localization. Improvises in situ shapes and colors to integrate into the existing balance. He almost always chooses unattended surfaces, with the intention of reviving his dignity and taking advantage of the formal load of aged textures. Such supports are often barely visible, which adds privacy to the chance encounter with the work. Renouncing the visibility sacrifices a good number of potential encounters of the viewer with his work, but increases in turn the capacity of penetration of the encounters that come to take place.

Eltono Line and Surface (2011) por Javier Abarc

Sticker and graphic design in Madrid.