As part of the project, we have collected 50 militant arts projects accessible on our website. These archives are intended to be an educational tool at the disposal of young artists. You can also rely on references to guide the participants of your workshops that you have chosen or that we have already selected! Or suggest that participants bring their own references!

What was important for us during the collection of the archives

During our collecting of artistic projects, we tried to propose artists representative of the multicultural society where we live. Indeed, we think that showing artists from different cultures or origins of the dominant society is important. Some would say that “only the work is to be looked at and not the origins of the artist” however, offering representations to minorities contributes to their feelings of inclusion – in the group – but also in society. And this allows us to offer positive role models to identify and thus offer opportunities to everyone! For example, to propose artistic projects realized by female artists makes it possible to change the representations and that they are no longer confined to the role of “wife of ….. /companion of this great artist”. By showing some positive models, the representation inspires the people who identify with it, while at the same time accustoming others to positive representations / models of minorities. We also try to choose artists who talk about topics that directly concern them. And to collect different themes and tools!


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