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This urban artist works mainly with graffiti and collage. Their supports, besides city street walls and buildings such as La Tabacalera (Madrid), are canvas and wood. He is inspired above all by nature, specifically in the animal world. His purpose is to make us reflect on how human beings have lost their bonds with nature.

He considers that urban art “proposes a debate” because of its “democratizing” power since it “opens the public space to free expression”. It allows people to “own a space” that “is usually only accessible to big brands that pay for advertising”.




In addition to the streets of Madrid (Spain), we can find his works in Belsfast (Northern Ireland), Worcester (United States), Muar (Malasya), Bangkok (Thailand) or Bucharest (Romania).

He has presented works in galleries such as ABV (Atlanta, USA), Nok (Bodo, Norway) or Swinton (Madrid), Festeen 2016 (Madrid, Spain), Wonderfruit (Pattaya, Thailand), Critic Festival, Mad Cool (Madrid, Spain), Creative Disorders (Galicia, Spain) or Festivalasalto (Zaragoza, Spain).

He has participated in the project “Mind the Wall” that offers temporarily a facade of 30 square meters in San Millán Street (La Latina Neighborhood, Madrid) to urban artists.




Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 2016.

Source: Steven King,

The Bond.

Muar, Malasya, 2016.

Source: Kharul Akma,