title: | artistLeft hand rotation | date: | PlaceThey work all over the world. They come from Salamanca, and they used to had headquarters in Madrid. At present time their headquarters are in Lisbon.


An artistic group that, from 2005 develops projects of intervention in the public space, as well as of documentation of audio-visual quiet materials. “The group is structured as impersonal entity not associated with the individual / author, and approaches every project under the consideration that the community of receipt is not a spectator, but active indispensable part in the transformation of the social reality “.


They try to denounce problems punctual and disregarded by the politics, across an artistic exposition. From those problems that they have to see with the gentrification up to the denunciation for the displaced ones. Also they invite to realize projects to different artists and groups


Gentrification is not a name of lady. Project carried out by the group in 2012 in Charloise’s neighborhood, Rotterdam. It was based on measurements of the percentage of creative class that lives there. The above mentioned neighborhood, as the group explains in the web site, “It receives for years to an artistic community that prospers thanks to facilities of residence for persons of the field of the creativity. His permanency in the neighborhood is supported by the public power, which at the same time controls the economic level of the resident futures, excluding from the area to the lowest classes. Zones of the neighborhood are lived entirely by artists. Nevertheless, the transfer of these spaces has expiry date. When the artists have realized his function of revaluation of the neighborhood the privileges will be eliminated granted to the “creative class” and they themselves will suffer the economic segregation “.



Creative Charlois control, 2012. Rotterdam