title: | artist: Basurama | date: | PlaceThey borned in the School of Architecture of Madrid. They have realized more than 100 projects in five continents. Have their base in Madrid and a permanent office in Milan and Bilbao.

It is a group dedicated to the investigation, creation and cultural environmental production founded in 2001, that has focused their area of study and action on the productive processes, the generation of waste that these imply, and the creative possibilities that provoke these contemporary conjunctures.


They studied phenomena inherent in the massive production of royal and virtual garbage in the company of consumption.

retrieval of rubbish and residues to an artivistic expression of protes.


The project Agostamiento is an intervention site-specific  realized by Basurama for the Opened program x Works and that takes place in the former cold-storage room of the one that was Legazpi’s slaughter house in Madrid. Basurama proposes an interior landscape extracted from the plantation of  7000 sunflowers that has cultivated together with the neighbors of the Great Route of the South-east, in Vallecas’s Widening, Madrid. A public space that, in Basurama’s words, “It invites to chat and to eat pipes, looking at the future from the darkest thing”.  This project was realized in Madrid, in 2016