title: Baile de Favela – Resposta| artist: Mariana Nolasco | date: uploaded at may 2016 | Place: Brasil /youtube

Mariana Nolasco is an example for this youtube viral video art that fights sexism

The Brazilian Funk is common in the Favelas (Rio de Janeiro) where also the number of teen pregnancies (and rape) have been increasing day by day, becoming a national problem, and turning Brazil into one of the worst numbers on this statistics.
In the favelas, poverty, drugs, arms, poor educational system, no health care, are the most common problems that influence the art created in this same place. So the Funkeiros, sing about what they see around them, normally, over sexualizing women in the lyrics and on the video clips which actually started a new dance trend called daggering (where men stick their reproductive organs into the women – in a very explicit way).
For the huge spread of sexist speech and other hate speech by these very popular songs, some youtuber decided to create a counter narrative to these songs – where they grab the lyrics of the music and they turn into something that can be used for awareness raising.
One of the things that the youtubers clearly state, is that they mean to disrespect  the authors of the songs, and by doing this they are just trying to include more love on the world and to offer their opinion on the topic.

Original video

Response Video