Who should initiate and lead artivist projects and how? Our spontaneous answer is: anyone, anywhere, anyhow! But whether you are a motivated university professor, a recognized artist, a passionate NGO worker or an engaged citizen will define the context of your artivist work, the challenges you’ll face and the benefits you may have. In this final chapter we have collected some of our observations, concerns from our own workshops that we think you can benefit from as future artivist. These suggestions of course are not universally valid, they reflect the special context of our work, and that is their main limitation.
This section addresses the risks of artivist projects, in particular issues of ethics and the potential reproduction of inequalities within a project that nevertheless criticizes these same inequalities. We are aware that many artivist initiatives can have an entirely different form, they can be genuine community practices, or collaborations led by group of youngsters etc. Accordingly, some of our suggestions / conclusions will make sense to you, some less, try to learn from our mistakes and victories as you can.

TO THINK Do you feel like engaging in becoming artivist? What would be important for you? With whom would you like to do your work? Where? Why? What would you hope to achieve? When would you really be satisfied and when would you be disappointed?