Title : Musée précaire d’Albinet (which means in english : the temporary museum of Albinet) | Artist : Thomas Hirshborn, order of the Laboratoire d’Aubervilliers, directed by Yvane Chapuis | Date : 19/04/14 – 04/06/14 | Location : the housing area of Albinet in Aubervilliers (France)

Thomas Hirshhorn is a swiss artist and also an activist born on 16 may 1957. He lives and works in Paris. He focuses on the creation of handmade temporary sculptures. They are made from materials used in our daily lives. He wishes to give birth to his works outside of the traditional exhibition areas.

The majority of French museums are located inside Paris. In addition, these museums are visited by the part of the French population who has the easiest access to exhibitions (managers, students, etc.). Museums struggle to reach the young people who are coming from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Le Musée Précaire d’Albinet is a piece of art that was made for a short-term period and created in the public space. The piece itself is an exhibition space which displays works of artists such as Duchamp, Malevitch, Mondrian, Dali, Beuys, Le Corbusier, Warhol, Léger. The museum was designed at the foot of the buildings of Albinet, a poor neighbourhood in the Parisian suburbs. Young people were recruited on the spot, as people were needed to be in charge of the security, the installing, deinstalling of the exhibition as well as to liven up the space. The museum was created with modest materials: wood, plastic from packages, cardboard, Scotch tape, photocopies, writings made with marker pens, etc… The purpose of this work was to “give life to art outside its usual exhibition spaces”.