titleMaria Capaz | artistCapicua (Ana Matos Fernandes) | date: | PlacePortuga.

Capicua (Ana Matos Fernandes) Portuguese rap singer , she studied socioly and took a PhD I Barcelona. She was a political activist since her youth, connected an extreme left party in Portugal. Nowadays she does not afiliate to any party but she still identifies with the left wing ideals. She discovered hip-hop when she was 15 on the streets of Porto and decided to start expressing herself through that via. She launched some eps, but only in 2008 and she gain some relevance. She considers herself a feminist and a social activist – and expresses that through her art.


“ This song, “Maria Capaz”, is the single of my first album. It has about eight words in it and it simply refers to the attitude you need to have while being a rapper. It is foreseen as needed to be a tomboy, but I say otherwise, I say you just need to be brave and courageous. And then, I also introduced a little word play with mc (master of ceremonies) and switched it off to ‘Maria Capaz’ (direct translation – capable mary) as a tease to all the haters. I know it was a little bit risky to do it, but I just wanted to clearly state that for you to be an artist you just need the guerrilla attitude and to be brave!” – interview to Capicua in a feminist Channel (Capazes, which was named after this song)


The context of this song, Maria Capaz (2012), came through due to the misogynistic and patriarchal stigmas in the Portuguese society towards women in the arts. The artist, being a woman in the hip hop world (which as many is mainly populated with men) felt the different treatment and the   increased struggle for a place in this world. So, as the single of her first album she decided to automatically, send a message.


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