titleArtivistic project about the situation in Belarrusia and artistic solidarity | artistGlobal Art | date: | Place:

Berlin artist Dmitry Vrubel (author of Brezhnev and Honecker’s kiss on the Berlin Wall) and his co-author Victoria Timofeeva as part of their international street-art project GLOBAL PROJECT, represent “Wednesday exhibition” (“Выставка По средам. “)This is a sign of solidarity with the participants in the” silent protests “which take place every Wednesday in Minsk and other Belarusian cities

The  project develops a multi-participatory art exhibition with the help of Internet and digital connection, in which 30 cities in more than 12 countries participate sharing images and drawings.  The concepts like “artist and the spectator”, “center and periphery”, “Original and copy” are being diluted.
The project is rapidly being transformed into a kind of “discussion platform,” in which “discussions about global art” take place, on hot news of the day, discussions on the challenges of world or local art.

The ‘GLOBAL ART’ project has affected the media, and this has drawn the attention of readers in the participating countries to events in Belarus. It extends the idea of possible aspects of the formation of an active critical position within the reality of Bielarrusia


The First Exposition of Wednesdays – New York