titleCine sin Autor (Authorless Cinema) | artist: | date2007-ongoing | Place: Madrid, Toulouse.

Fábrica de Cine sin Autor in Intermediae Matadero Madrid. A huge range of participants take part in the different processes of films. the Authorless Cinema Factory in Madrid involves around 300 people.

CsA develops its first project in close collaboration with Patio Maravillas, occupied space in Madrid and meeting place of assemblies movements related

to the 15-M, collectives of theater, painting, music, audiovisuals, etc

CsA focuses on collective film and visual arts that have questioned the relationship between knowledge and power, fostering a landcrossing between art, participatory democracy and everyday life. In many works, there are indications of the so called extreme social realism.
Cinematographic projects in Madrid (Spain) and Toulouse (France) (selection):
-the web series “Mátame si puedes” (Kill me if you can) (October 2012 – Present), -an audiovisual portrait and videoclip “K de Kalle” in Ca±oroto – July 2014 – Present),-the biopic “Mßs allß de la verdad” (Beyond the truth) with the octogenarian Gioacchino di Blasi and his family (2012 – 2014),-the film “Locura en el colegio” (Madness at school) with students from CEIP Legado Crespo, a primary school in Madrid.(Octubre 2012 – Present),-the generation portrait “Vida Fácil” (The easy life) with precarious youngsters.(2012 – 2014),-the shortfilm “Entrenosotros” (Between us) with a group of young people from Madrid.(2012 – 2014),


“The hope of immigrants, 2017:


Manifestos of Authorless Cinema.